How do I buy from your web site?

  1. Browse our online catalogue for the watch you desire. The models listed are, to the best of our knowledge, what is currently available.

  2. Click on the email button to make an enquiry about the watch you wish to order. Type in the message section, making sure to include any other questions you wish us to answer. Then click on the submit button to send us your order request.

  3. We will check the availability of the model you wish to order and inform you duly.

  4. If the item is available, we will give you a price quotation via email.

  5. When you are ready to proceed with the order, let us know via email.

  6. We will procure the item for you.

  7. Upon clearance of the payment, your order will be delivered via international courier.
How do I buy from your web site?
How do I order a watch that is not listed on your web site?
How will my order be delivered?
What about insurance, local tax and excise duties?
What are your policies on returns and exchange of goods?
Will I be able to return the watches if it becomes defective after 3 working days?
What are the methods of payment available?